Audubon Guide to Hawk Watching

Audubon Guide to Hawk Watching

Ten awesome places to catch one of nature's greatest spectacles.

By Kenn Kaufman/Photography by Johann Schumacher
Published: September-October 2012
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Kenn Kaufman

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To be honest. I haven't seen

To be honest. I haven't seen a good post like this in a year now. And seeing this post now, ahh, it really pleasures me. Thanks a lot for this post.

I live in the southernmost

I live in the southernmost part of Columbus, Ohio, but the mighty Scioto veers very close to the main stem down this far. As I stand at the bus stop up there of a morning, often there will be a Hawk. They are usually singles, and I am captivated by them. They soar so, the slow and graceful glide, surely the currents above the water drafting, but if you see a winging at all, it's just a weeee tip of the end feathers, flip! -- and whhhoooooooooooosh...! Off in another direction. Some times I can follow them all the way up to work. I love that we travel the same path. I just love them; they are very powerful to me.

nature is very beautiful live

nature is very beautiful live place so we should protect nature and animals.

Any places in Washington

Any places in Washington state?

Chelan Ridge is supposed to

Chelan Ridge is supposed to be the best place in WA! I hope to go soon!

I just saw a young hawk in

I just saw a young hawk in the trees by my house on the Central Coast in California. He was making the silliest squeeky noise. I guess he was just learning how to screech. One time a red tail hawk flew down from a tree and popped me on top of my head. I was telling him to stay away from the birds at the bird feeder. Boy he was mad. People tell me I was lucky he did not scalp me.

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I live here in Ventura, Ca.

I live here in Ventura, Ca. and I take video when I here the screech of a hawk just across harbor blvd. over the big eucalyptus trees. Olivas Adobe is a great place to see hawks, owls and other birds. I go there often and love it there, it's very special. As i'm walking around taking pics of hummingbirds, a raven flies by sometimes. With a lot of practice I will soon get a good picture of him/her!

This past weekends Hawk

This past weekends Hawk Festival at Hawk Ridge Nature Reserve in Duluth was WELL worth my trip up from Illinois. Wonderful staff, very was simply great.

Hawk Mountain is right up the

Hawk Mountain is right up the road from my place of residence...indeed, it is a beautiful place to view these magnificent creatures.
I've also had the pleasure of witnessing red tailed hawks hangin' out in my yard:-) for the many other birds,squirrels,chipmunks, etc, that visit on a regular basis...not too

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