Audubon Guide to Hawk Watching

Audubon Guide to Hawk Watching

Ten awesome places to catch one of nature's greatest spectacles.

By Kenn Kaufman/Photography by Johann Schumacher
Published: September-October 2012
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Kenn Kaufman

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You left out Kansas. Kansas

You left out Kansas. Kansas is the home of the famous Red Tailed Hawk. You can find one on every other fence post, on tree limbs and in your back yard. They are magnificent hawks who are constantly hungry and looking for squirrels and rabbits.

I get good birds out of

I get good birds out of Sumner and Cowley counties in SC Kansas. Red tails of all color schemes, even a local bird that is mostly white! Rough legs, Red shouldered, Sharpies, Coops, a Gos with some luck, Kestrals, Merlins ( 2 subspecies) Prairie, and Peregrines passing through, Osprey, Local and migrant Bald eagles.

We enjoy going to Caesar's

We enjoy going to Caesar's Head in the fall. A magnificent site for viewing these spectacular migrations!

I would include Whitefish

I would include Whitefish Point Bird Observatory. It is just a few miles north of Paradise, Michigan in the upper peninsula. Birds crossing Lake Superior in the fall and spring find this point of land which juts out into the lake helpful in migration.

Good point and question,

Good point and question, these are just the most popular and offer the highest counts.
You can go to the website of HMANA (NA hawk migration association) and find one nearer to you. There are dozens in Pennsylvania, for example- where some hawk-watching sites are also of historical interest and a past time for generations.
Enjoy! A tip to see larger counts; Be sure to study the weather pattern they fly on and dates. Use noaa forecasts ( just search noaa forecast and location) up to the night before. Usually, north or northwest winds at most sites in fall.

Please put the Hawkwatch at

Please put the Hawkwatch at Afton, Virginia (near Waynesboro) on your list of excellent places to enjoy the migrations.

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Anywhere near Denver?

Anywhere near Denver?

Of course--go to the hogback

Of course--go to the hogback at Dinasauer Ridge--16831 W Alameda Pkwy Morrison, CO 80465--and watch the raptors ride the wind on the east side of the ridge.

Hawk Watching

Are there any good areas in Colorado?

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