How Do Tornadoes Affect Birds?

How Do Tornadoes Affect Birds?

After the initial destruction, twisters can benefit some avian species.

By Emma Bryce
Published: 05/24/2013

For some birds, change is salvation. King offers a hopeful anecdote in the form of the whip-poor-will, a forest-dwelling bird that faces habitat loss. In forests, fallen trees give a photosynthetic boost to the lower, shrubby level--an ecosystem that birds like the whip-poor-will need more than deep, shadowy forest. "They won't actually use mature forest," King says. "They require shrubland."

Once, after a tornado passed through Broomfield, Massachusetts, King recalls that whip-poor-wills populated the area where new shrubland opened up to the sky. Sometimes, new life can spring from nature's worst destruction.

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After the initial

After the initial destruction, tornadoes can benefit from some species of birds

birds & tornados

Thank you so much for all this info. Love learning, and love birds!

tornadoes and birds

there was a horrendous tornado in 1985 in plainfield il, the day before it happend my girl friend was fishing, she said the fishing was bad, and there were no birds and not even a mosquito in the air, the week after the tornado happened, there was a wonderful choirus of birds, and the fishing was wonderful.

Birds Foreknowledge

I have the greatest respect for Ken Kaulman's expertise on bird identification. However, I am very confused by his comment about people knowing about tornadoes before birds. Birds and other wildlife know long before we do. I grew up watching birds and animals. They always knew when a bad storm was coming. As for the nightly new.....IN THE HOUSTON AREA IT IS BASICALLY WORTHLESS...

Tornado Story

Several years ago, a F-0 tornado went through my neighborhood. My parents and older sister were enthralled watching a mother Robin stay on her nest through the whole storm. Even when the large evergreen it was in was laying flat on the ground from the wind she managed to stick to it. Long story short both the tree and the nest survived.

Tornado hit us

After a tornado hit our house, all the "regular" birds were gone for about a week. It was actually creepy to hear NO birdsong outside. But the weirdest thing was that THOUSANDS of ladybugs appeared all over the lawn of a hospital 1/2 mile away, where we were staging to get information afterward and the following 2 days. Very very strange,

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