One Man Sets Out to Make El Salvador a Birding Destination

One Man Sets Out to Make El Salvador a Birding Destination

One overlooked Central American country could draw birders with the help of an avian crusader.

By Rachel Nuwer
Published: 04/23/2012

Visiting and local birders alike can do their part for El Salvador's birds by participating in eBird. Komar serves as the eBird reviewer for El Salvador, Honduras, and Nicaragua, and has embarked on a personal quest to popularize the tool. "I love the idea that birders can be citizen scientists," he said. His great hope is to see thousands of people using eBird around the region. Though most eBird contributions currently come from visitors, Komar is promoting the tool locally through talks, demonstrations, and articles--and by nagging his friends. "Oliver is all the time like, Carlos! You need to put in your data, put in your data!" Funes says. "It's great that we have it now."

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Traveling to El Salvador

Traveling to El Salvador is extremely hazardous. If you are smart you ought to go as a large group and try to hire local protection. Don't think the gangs will be nice. It is probably too dangerous for females to travel there and expect to be safe. (P.S. I am a female and nearly got raped by a gang member).

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Hello Ollie,
What an exciting article about you. Always knew that you would accomplish something extraordinary!
Keep up the good work.
Love, Renate

What a great article! It

What a great article! It says it all. Congratulations!

Great Work !!!

Way to go Ollie...keep up the good work !!!!

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