Roseate Spoonbills Send Warning Signs About the Florida Everglades

Roseate Spoonbills Send Warning Signs About the Florida Everglades

Decades after they staged a major comeback from plume hunting, one of the world's most bizarre and beautiful birds is struggling in South Florida. Does this spell trouble for the entire Everglades ecosystem?

By Rene Ebersole/Photography by John Huba
Published: May-June 2013
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I attempted to post a brief

I attempted to post a brief story of some my great exploring experiences in South Florida, but found the 'Mollum"service site to be very difficult to achieve something so simple. Keep up the good work.

As I have spent countless

As I have spent countless hours exploring local mangroves in years past, especially after big storms, I refer to 'That most evil-smelling muck' as LOW TIDE, even though low tide is not required to experience this 'aroma' ! ..... Many years ago on one of those famously sweltering south Florida afternoons, and approximately a quarter-mile south of Matheson Hammocks' south wading area, I saw a beautiful lone spoonbill wading among numerous white herons. I haven't seen one since, although my guess is that this is not part of the spoonbills natural feeding area.....ALWAYS have a camera nearby! In the course of my paddling forays, the mosquitoes, no-see-ums, some very large spiders and occasional croc trails, and even a belly-flopping ray one evening always made for an enjoyable day, and I really miss it. I only wish I had included my camera with other gear, as the wildlife was always an integral part of each journey, and an easy way to share what so many people will never see....I am concerned that these natural habitats will continue to be degraded, and that the number of native habitants will continue to decline............

Living ing in south Florida

Living ing in south Florida for 6 decades, I have never lost the thrill of spotting a roseate spoonbill. I used to see them regularly on the trail just east of Naples and I hope they re still frequenting the Big Cypress

Thank you to the author and

Thank you to the author and the society for making it available for our knowledge and enjoyment. Its disheartening that still another animal is suffering a habitat change that's caused its decline but not all bad news being theres things being done and plans made to continue to change things for the betterment of the whole of the everglades. Maybe we have finally learned what our priorities should be.

Wunderschöne Vögel, ich hoffe

Wunderschöne Vögel, ich hoffe sie werden überleben! Bei uns in Deutschland gibt es diese nicht, aber ich würde sie so gerne mal in Echt sehen.

Isn't is the MOST strange

Isn't is the MOST strange thing, at how many DEAD bird specimens biologists have harvested in the name of "research"??? Even Audubon himself killed so so so many birds to "study" and draw them! I hope that nonsense has ended too.

I love watching the

I love watching the spoonbills in Rockport, TX and that area. Each trip feels special if I see them. They look like cotton candy flying.

How LUCKY was I to see 80

How LUCKY was I to see 80 Spoonbills sitting in one area in Flager County Florida. It was right after a couple days of major rain. I was able to hike a trail and see them only a few feet away. I shot a lot of pictures. One picture of a few sitting on branches can be seen in the Palm Coast Observer dated May 11, 2013. I will NEVER forget that sighting as it was truly magnificient!
Sally Boyce

It must have been like

It must have been like stepping into another world! Can't even imagine- yes, you were very lucky!

When I first moved to eastern

When I first moved to eastern WA state, a high desert agricultural area, there were many spoonbills at the ends of the fields where irrigation water pooled. That was 20 years ago, and now most of those farms have center pivot sprinkler systems. They save water and are very efficient, but I haven't seen a spoonbill in the area for the last ten years or more. Sad!

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