War Rages on Cape Hatteras

War Rages on Cape Hatteras

The Interior Department has pledged to put wildlife before recreation in our national parks, but on a North Carolina national seashore, it's letting off-road vehicles run amok, imperiling birds and people.

By Ted Williams/Photography by John Loomis
Published: January-February 2007

So far ORV interests dominate the stakeholder committee. The Hatteras Island Homeowners Coalition (Kayota's group) tried and failed to get a seat. But the Outer Banks Preservation Association succeeded. Its representative at the table will be none other than Dave Goodwin, moderator of the "Free Access Dammit!" forum of Fish Mojo.

This piece originally ran in the January-February 2007 issue as "Beach Bums."

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War Rages on Cape Hatteras

Round up The Monkey Wrench Gang!

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