Why Should Birders Be Worried About the New Vikings Stadium?

Why Should Birders Be Worried About the New Vikings Stadium?

Minnesota's pro football team just announced that they won't use bird-safe glass on its new window-heavy stadium. Here's what you need to know about the decision.

By Susan E. Matthews
Published: 07/24/2014

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Susan E. Matthews

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I love sports & I love people

I love sports & I love people who take stewardship over the land & the creatures on it. It can only promote the image of the sport and the city to avoid killing flying creatures rather than saving a few dollars and alienate a lot of fans.

As with countless others, I

As with countless others, I pray that you take into consideration, not just the natural devestation you will have singlehandedly caused if you do not reconsider your decision to not to use the bird-safe glass, but you will have shown your family, your children, their children, the fans, the state of Minnesota and the American public, the truth behind your very being -- a dark soul, with blatant disregard for life and its future. Your lack of morality and love for money over what is good and right, will bring you no peace in this life, nor in the next.

Will this be the legacy of

Will this be the legacy of Minnesota? Dead birds around a beautiful stadium, when it could have been prevented for so little.

Really Zigi, How long does it

Really Zigi, How long does it take you to make a million dollars? The stadium has equivalent to a quarter of a mile of glass in the sky. This is the bird's road. For crying out loud, cough up some change now and do the right thing. I'm pretty sure you don't care about dead birds but do you really want them landing on your fans' heads as they walk into your beautiful stadium?

Ah....profits over ethics,

Ah....profits over ethics, yet aaanoter wasted opportunity for good role modeling for our kids. How do you explain this choice to your children, Bikes?

You are missing an

You are missing an opportunity to truly brag about doing the right thing, to truly reflect Minnesota's value and pride in our natural resources, and countless opportunities for good PR. But, at least people can watch all the extra TV's you've opted for. We all know you stand to earn more than thousands of birds in profit and the cost of the glass is a mere drop in the bucket of your long term prospects. Splat.

When bird-safe glass could be

When bird-safe glass could be used at such a small fraction of the budget for this stadium, your refusal to use it sends a message of complete disregard for the huge bird population that will die because of your decision.

If "bird safe" glass is used,

If "bird safe" glass is used, Audubon would be preventing natural selection from taking place by saving birds who can't determine what a glass wall is. Why would Audubon support holding back the bird species from advancement?

And giving medications to

And giving medications to people would prevent natural selection from weeding them out of the gene pool. You can start by not taking yours. Thanks.

Really? Are you that

Really? Are you that inconsiderate not to protect birds from striking your stadium? Cost? You can provide all of those monitors instead? Shame on you! I would hate working on the grounds crew having to pick up the carcasses daily! DO THE RIGHT THING!!

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