Win an Edward Lear Eagle Owl Print from the Sumptuous New Book ‘Birds Drawn for John Gould’

Win an Edward Lear Eagle Owl Print from the Sumptuous New Book ‘Birds Drawn for John Gould’

Gorgeous limited-print book features 80 birds by the renowned artist.

By the Audubon Editors
Published: 12/21/2012
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though the call "who cooks for you", is not from Lear's owl,

I imagine as I hike during the early evening hours and call back to these owls calls, that they too may give me back a fierce look of defiance of Lear's eagle owls....saying who is this being intruding on our evening calls ....

eagle owl Birds Drawn for John Gould, by Edward Lear

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Birds by Lear

I have a copy of the 1977 edition of Audubon's Birds and Quadrapeds of America. This book looks like it would be a wonderful addition to any of Audubon's

A photograph I took of an Eagle Owl with a giant flying squirrel sets on my book shelf.

I give a hoot

I saw this print of the eagle owl,and immediately became enraptured. There is nothing more fascinating than the elusive, and secret life of owls. Here in Bergen County, New Jersey, amid the hustle, I have a pair that hoot to each in the wee-hours of the night. A comforting and restorative sound indeed

Lear eagle owl print

I've always been intrigued by owls having been raised on a farm in Pennsylvania. We would see barn owls and would often hear their haunting call.

I have been fascinated with

I have been fascinated with owls since we had an eastern screech owl living in our backyard owl box in Texas. He showed up off and on over the course of several years but we haven't seen him for awhile now. Occasionally see a barn owl in neighborhood and hear barred owls occasionally. Love these creatures !!

Lear's Owl

I love the fact that all owls can peacefully perch themselves with an expression of self reserve. They can hold so still, yet pivot their necks in what almost seems to be a 380 degree circumference. They can mechanically dip their necks and look at you with those wonderful eyes. Lear has captured a great pose of this eagle owl. I had a barn owl perch near my backyard window once and studied him for several minutes. I knew I would never have that opportunity to be that close to such a wonderful creature. I will never forget him. Bird artists have truly made it possible to study the beauty of these birds up close.

What a wonderful project he

What a wonderful project he undertook and for not that much money.

what a wonderful project.

what a wonderful project.

the art of illustration of animals

Both my mother and brother are nature illustrators in their own styles. My mother has illustrated a close-up of a great horned owl in lithograph form. It's the most formal (and least playful) of her artwork - owls tend to inspire serious thoughts, it seems. My brother does digital artwork and I think he should draw animal characters - he's so good at capturing expression. It's different, of course, to create scientific illustrations, which usually lack expressions that might be seen as anthropomorphic. However I'm certain the birds being studied are thinking something! I would love to add this print to my wall of owl art, which includes an Inuit owl as well as the family pieces.

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