10 Great Animal Memes, From Birds to Coons

10 Great Animal Memes, From Birds to Coons

Anna Sanders
Published: 01/31/2012

Bad Joke Eel became popular early this month, featuring an eel with its mouth slightly open, almost as if it's looking for some applause. The photo was originally taken by Jeffrey N. Jeffords scuba diving in the Philippines and became part of a series called Advice Animals on the social news site Reddit.

9. Lame pun Coon

Lame Pun Coon features a smiling raccoon along with a really lame pun. It became popular on hubsites like Tumblr and Reddit in spring 2010, but the image was originally taken by Sara Hunt and uploaded to the photo-sharing site Flickr.

10. Crazy Girlfriend Praying Mantis

Female praying mantises commonly kill and consume their male partners before, during, or after mating. With this in mind, the Crazy Girlfriend Praying Mantis features something a sociopathic girlfriend might say to you. It first appeared on Reddit.

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