Michele Berger
Published: 03/08/2010

Here’s what’s in store in our newest issue:

Travel with photographer Nick Brandt to Africa where he spent countless hours blending into the scenery to capture some very precise wildlife moments. “Many pictures convey a rare sense of intimacy, as if Brandt knew his subjects,” writes freelancer Vicki Goldberg. “He waits with a Zen-like patience for days, even weeks, to become an acceptable presence. The results are portraits of wild animals.” His African elephant photo graces our cover.

The issue also includes a powerful piece by writer Susan McGrath about endocrine disruptors, found in everything from moisturizers to water bottles. These hormones, McGrath notes, can “scramble our natural chemical messengers, which can’t tell the fake hormones from our own.”

Ted Williams writes about game farms some photographers use to capture “perfect” images of wild animals; Barry Yeoman covers the potential cost of mining tar sands. Plus, a piece about California’s Tejon Ranch, migration through Nebraska (with images shot by Kim Hubbard, Audubon’s photo editor), questions answered by our very own Green Guru, and much more.

And for all you professional, amateur, and youth photogs out there, click here to sign up for information about our 2nd annual photography awards, in association with Nature’s Best Photography, which will run from May 15 through September 7. The Jan-Feb 2011 Audubon will feature the winners.

But wait, there’s more. Click here to download a free screensaver of some of the most compelling images from our first Photography awards, featured in our Jan-Feb 2010 issue. Note: You’ll be required to provide your first and last name and e-mail address to complete the download.