Bird-A-Day Challenge Ends on Day 92

Bird-A-Day Challenge Ends on Day 92

Rene Ebersole
Published: 04/05/2012

1st, Day 61: Ring-billed Gull
2nd, Day 62: Tufted Titmouse
3rd, Day 63: Common Loon
4th, Day 64: Mute Swan
5th, Day 65: Song Sparrow
6th, Day 66: Cooper’s Hawk
7th, Day 67: American Robin
8th, Day 68: Northern Flicker
9th, Day 69: American Woodcock
10th, Day 70: Killdeer
11th, Day 71: American Goldfinch
12th, Day 72: Red-winged Blackbird
13th, Day 73: Double-crested Cormorant
14th, Day 74: Downy Woodpecker
15th, Day 75: Red-Tailed Hawk
16th, Day 76: Carolina Wren
17th, Day 77: American Wigeon
18th, Day 78: Pine Warbler
19th, Day 79: Eastern Phoebe
20th, Day 80: Pine Warbler
21st, Day 81: Tree Swallow
22nd, Day 82: Green-winged Teal
23rd, Day 83: Black-capped Chickadee
24th, Day 84: Merlin
25th, Day 85: Wood Duck
26th, Day 86: American Crow
27th, Day 87: Canada Goose
28th, Day 88: Mallard
29th, Day 89: House Sparrow
30th, Day 90: European Starling
31st, Day 91: Palm Warbler

1st, Day 92: Rock Pigeon.
The End!

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