Chris Cox, Audubon Travel Writer, Dies at 57

Chris Cox, Audubon Travel Writer, Dies at 57

Rene Ebersole
Published: 06/27/2013
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Born in Honolulu, the son of a naval officer, Chris had wanderlust in his veins. His father’s Navy assignments transported him and his two younger sisters to Adak Island, Alaska; Washington, D.C.; St. Paul, Minnesota; and the Panama Canal Zone. Chris developed a passion for exotic foods, music, film, and an encyclopedic knowledge that earned him the nickname “Answer Man,” at the Herald.


Chris met his wife, Maria, in 1990 in Brazil. The couple was living in Boston when he proposed to her by circling an ad in the classified section of the Herald that read: “Girl from Ipanema, will you be my wife.” They got married in 1992 in Rio de Janeiro. Soon they had a son, named Tim, who would inherit his father’s passion for running track. On June 1, Tim’s Acton-Boxboro Regional High School track team won the Massachusetts state title. He graduated the following week, and he will attend Yale in the fall.

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