How to Help Birds Beat the Heat

How to Help Birds Beat the Heat

Emma Bryce
Published: 07/18/2013

Trees and shrubs that grow dense branches obviously provide the deepest shade, and it’s also helpful to grow plants that will together build layers of foliage that birds can enjoy. Vines, longer grasses, and dense groundcovers also build cooler refuges in other parts of the garden. Plants that provide food as well as shade are obviously doubly appealing for birds.


Here are some good resources that share more detailed information about how to help birds out in the summer heat -


The Audubon Society:

Bird Habitat Necessities

Feeding the Birds

When should I start and stop feeding birds?

What is the ideal depth of a bird bath?

Ten Ways to Make a Difference for Migrating Birds



What Food to Provide

Birds and Water



The Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Attracting bird to your backyard

Other Ways to Attract Birds

Summer Questions

Is it okay to keep feeding birds in the spring and the summer?


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