Is Lady Gaga

Is Lady Gaga

Alisa Opar
Published: 02/05/2010

Click the image to watch the video.

After reading a jibe in The New York Times last week about Lady Gaga’s latest hit (“Fans of Lady Gaga were sufficiently baffled by the lyrics to her song “Bad Romance”), I decided to see what all the fuss is about. I admit I didn’t get it the first time I watched the video. But part way through the second viewing, I realized: It’s about the environment. Yes, that’s right, ‘Bad Romance’ just might be Lady Gaga’s attempt to draw attention to our abusive relationship with the environment. All the signs of a doomed relationship are there—unhealthy behavior, repressed anger. She covers everything (except her person, that is, which reminds me: THIS VIDEO MIGHT NOT BE SAFE FOR WORK. Unless your boss is gaga for Gaga.). There are melting ice caps, rising temperatures, pollution, imperiled animals. Lady Gaga (read: Gaia) represents earth and nature; the sleazy guys represent, well, us. Take another look at this deep, dark, cautionary tale.

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