Odd and Amusing Environmental News Roundup

Odd and Amusing Environmental News Roundup

Alisa Opar
Published: 09/24/2010
This week's roundup includes dog poop powered lights, a surprise visit from an American bittern, and a stuffed creature made with parts of various animals, include a swan, deer, and coyote.

Photo: Verdlanco, Wikimedia Commons

Well, here’s one way to deal with all the dog feces in cities: Use it to power lights. Don’t you just love looking on the bright side?
The "Park Spark" poop converter is actually two steel, 500-gallon oil tanks painted a golden yellow, connected by diagonal black piping and attached to an old gaslight-style street lantern at the [Cambridge, Mass.] Pacific Street Park.
After the dogs do their business, signs on the tanks instruct owners to use biodegradable bags supplied on site to pick up the poop and deposit it into the left tank. People then turn a wheel to stir its insides, which contain waste and water. Microbes in the waste give off methane, an odorless gas that is fed through the tanks to the lamp and burned off. The park is small but has proven busy enough to ensure a steady supply of fuel.

Puppy poo is a subject our Green Guru Susan Cosier has tackled. Find out the best way to dispose of dog feces and cat litter box waste.

Photo: Enrique Gomez De Molin
Strange. Bizarre. Disturbing. Fascinating. Huh. Any of these might describe some of the pieces at the "Nature, Revisions, and Dreams" exhibit at the Florida Gulf Coast University Art Gallery. Take, for instance, Enrique Gomez De Molina’s piece “Pandora.” The stuffed, two-headed creature is made from a swan, deer, antelope, dik-dik horns, and a coyote. Hmm, maybe he should’ve called it “Chimera” instead.
From the News-Press
No animals are hurt or killed for the art. Certain animal farms, collectors and pet shops call him when an animal dies. De Molina will then skin the animal, preserving it in two studio freezers. He uses wire, foam and clay to sculpt, fill and shape the animals.


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