Michele Berger
Published: 11/19/2011

Photo: Xuaxo, Wikimedia Commons

Thanksgiving’s this coming Thursday! If you need a quick break from prepping your menu, take a look at a few pieces we’ve done about the food that’ll likely end up on your plate…

“Domesticated Broad-Breasted White turkeys make up 99 percent of the 46 million gobblers that Americans consume on Thanksgiving,” writes Green Guru Susan Cosier. “Other domesticated types, known as heritage breeds, may be even more appealing to your taste buds—and your eco-sensibilities.” Want to learn more about heritage turkeys? Click here.

And if you missed it this past Thursday, here’s a review of the PBS documentary, “My Life as a Turkey,” about a man who raises a group of 16 wild turkeys that show up on his doorstep.

Plus, what’s your turkey IQ? Watch this hilarious people-on-the-street video and see how you match up.

Tofurky and other vegetarian delights:
You’ve surely heard of it, but have you tried it? “The table is set, the candles lit, and the wine poured,” writes senior editor Julie Leibach. “Now comes the Thanksgiving pièce de résistance: a big, succulent roast of…tofu? Heck, yes!” Find out why in 2009, consumers bought more than 300,000 tofurky roasts. Yep, 300,000.

Oh, and if you want some vegetarian recipe suggestions, read Susan’s latest Green Guru column, from the Nov-Dec 2011 issue.

Cranberry sauce:
Love the red stuff? Just can’t get enough of those tart treats? Read about their history, in a blog post from articles editor Alisa Opar.

To drink:
We serve up some wine and beer with our Thanksgiving meal, both courtesy of our special food issue, Mar-Apr 2010.

Finally, if you’re planning to make pecan pie next week, stay tuned for a post about pecans. Plus, the turkey photos you submitted!

P.S. Don’t forget to vote for the winner of Bird Madness Matchup #1. Voting for this round ends on Monday, 11/21.