The Battle Over a North Carolina Beach Continues

The Battle Over a North Carolina Beach Continues

On Cape Hatteras National Seashore, a revolutionary management plan is finally putting embattled sea turtles and birds on near-equal footing with ORV drivers. But powerful interests are working hard to undo it.

By Ted Williams/Photography by Emiliano Granado
Published: September-October 2012
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Ted Williams

Ted Williams is freelance writer.

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seriously? Ted really?

People's lives are being threatened? "they’re being threatened and harassed for their wildlife advocacy. As pariahs on the Outer Banks, they fear for their lives".....and really is this amazing that you printed this..."A friend of mine overheard this exchange between two female shoppers: “I can’t believe Audubon makes up such lies. Who would have thought that? So glad we know now.”. ........journalism?....really? Who edits this stuff? Audubon has lost its way while chasing donations..


Motorheads are like crows. One “caw” on the idiot channel (Red Drum); and the whole flock is in full cry--“lies, lies, lies.” But never a cogent rebuttal.

Feel free to provide evidence

Feel free to provide evidence for Ted's claims.

Your stupid as the people u wrote the article for

Just like the media these days always tellin the rich mans side of the story and not carin about the people and buisnesses that there trying to shut down .and to beat it all it is a big ass lie i thought the media was post to tell both sides of the story and the truth not lies.good we that are trying to help them are the ones that know the real facts.

Would anyone expect anything

Would anyone expect anything less from Audubon? A once powerful organization now run being run into the ground by liars and personal agendas. Do you really think people believe your biased crap anymore? Ted this article proves how clueless you really are. Whoever approved this junk should fired on the spot.

Just so you know, you idiot,

Just so you know, you idiot, people are upset over their loss of livelihood. My family for one did not go down this spring due to beach closure. Therefore the campground, tackle shop, restaurants all didn't get our money. We are just one family. You are jeopardizing peoples livelihoods with your over the top antics for animals. By the way, why don't you tell everyone in your bird loving society how they are killing the predators to these "precious" animals!

Pure Nonsense

Where did the author of this article get his information? From thin air atpparently or the Audobon Society which equals the same thing when it comes to this particular subject. Where are the statistics that back up the ridiculous claims? They were not presented in this article because they simply do not exist. Why does the article not include the red fox, nutria, ferrel cats that the park service is catching and killing, yes killing? Cape Hatteras is a designated recreational area, NOT an animal santuary and the people of Hatteras and its visitors have always coexisted with the birds and the turtles. Never have nests or hatchlings been destryoed or crushed by ORV's..never, and to say otherwise is simply a lie. The Audobon Sociey and the Southern Eviornmental Law Center would like nothing more then for humans to be banned from Hatteras completely. The residents and supporters of Hatteras will continue to fight for what is right and fair for all...humans and animals. Special interest groups will not be allowed to run roughshod over us nor will they be allowed to bully us into silence or acceptance. Hell no!

Response to letter above

I waited a few hours after reading this article to respond to it because the lies and completely made up stories about what is really happening here on Hatteras Island, NC make me furious. Why? Because people believe what they read, unfortunately your article will move good Americans to donate to Audubon because they falsely believe they will be "helping" the environment or nature. Audubon, in my opinion, has become nothing more than "natures mafia". They take people's money and spend it taking over land, businesses or both. This is exactly what is happening to Hatteras Island. We have the most undeveloped seashore along the Eastern seaboard, a wildlife refuge and hundreds of dredge islands along these Outer Banks for birds to nest without any predators. On Hatteras Island , the National Park Service torture and murder hundreds of innocent animals every week, all to protect less than ten bird EGGS, not birds, eggs! It's criminal what has been allowed to happen here. The island lost 23 businesses last year alone because when you close beaches, even to foot traffic, on a tourist resort, business suffers greatly. Articles like this fuel Audubon to continue their reigh of terror on small beach resort areas. It has happened here, are you their next target? Believe me America, you could be!!

I miss the fox

They killed the last one.

I sincerely hope that none of

I sincerely hope that none of the Audobon Society members who read this article are naive and stupid enough to believe that this article is true. As I read it, I can find very little truth in the entire article. Ted Williams is, quite simply, a damned liar. And any of you members and donors who buy into this and send more money are falling into the exact trap that they want you to.

It's easy enough to sit in your comfortable home somewhere far away and send money for the poor little birdies. I'm sure it somehow assuages your own personal guilt about the carbon footprint that you, personally, leave on the earth. God forbid that any one of you should have the decency to put the natives of Hatteras Island in your thoughts, prayers and pocketbooks. To hell with them, huh?

Here's an idea. Get off your ass and go to Hatteras Island and see, for yourself, what is really happening down there before you send any more money to be used to ruin people's lives and livelihoods.

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