The Battle Over a North Carolina Beach Continues

The Battle Over a North Carolina Beach Continues

On Cape Hatteras National Seashore, a revolutionary management plan is finally putting embattled sea turtles and birds on near-equal footing with ORV drivers. But powerful interests are working hard to undo it.

By Ted Williams/Photography by Emiliano Granado
Published: September-October 2012
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Ted Williams

Ted Williams is freelance writer.

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Starting Point

Very well said, Disgusted. Despite their glaring deficiencies the new regs are at least a starting point. No one should be satisfied with them. If the motorheads succeed in doing away with them with their Beach Roadkill Act, no park unit anywhere is safe.

Hear Hear

Anyone who has been following this issue from the beginning knows that you speak the truth.

Most have realized and accepted that for the benefit of Cape Hatteras National Seashore (CHNS) action had to take palce for it to survive.

There still exists an element that has been doing their best to kill the business of Hatteras Island telling all that the beaches are closed while claiming that the new regulations in place by the NPS are to blame for any loss of business. For the knowing who travel to HI on a regular basis, we know that it is lie that the area is dying because of the NPS final EIS. The pro access radical ORV crowd place their hope in the current CHAPA lawsuit and the pending bills in Congress to overturn the NPS FEIS implementation at CHNS.

There is the Island Free Press blogger who who claims to be a journalist who adds to the resentment for the environmental groups and the National Park Service. This blog is where one of the Dare County Commissioners has regularly made personal attacks by name to members of environmental groups. The said comissioner also smiles in the face of NPS officials while attacking them verbally in blogs and statements. The radical free access ORV group is allowd free rein to make any anti-environmental and/or NPS attack while any posters with a different opinion are readily deleted on the blog.

I doubt that most of the radical ORV access group will ever accept what has been done by the NPS or the environmental groups for the lasting survival of CHNS and will continue to spout their ill will, but in time they will be ignored and blow away like sand in the wind.

I hope

I hope there are less ORV crowd on Hatteras Island. I lived there for ten years and it was overcrowded with surf fishers, surfers, kite boarders, joy riders. The place was already on the decline from overuse and abuse. The local economy was based on overuse and abuse of the free public resource. The local tackle shops profitted by the free resource , the beach, and they controlled Cape Point. If a park ranger pulled them over for speeding, they got a pass because of local political connections. The park managers were keep in control by Congressmen Jones. Now the free abuse of all Americans National Park is over and they are no longer in control. It is killing the tackle shops that they are not in control, and like a dying snake they are lashing out. The local web forum is all about lies and their message and they don't let different view point to participate. It makes sense that the tackle shops are losing money and it serves them right. If they were smart they would change their business model, but they are too old and stupid to do that. Hatteras Island is loser friendly-most are ORV fishers alcoholics and drug users that have escaped the real world and have found refuge at the edge of the sea. These anti-government ORVs have no problem going on welfare and collecting unemployment form the government. They over charge tourist so they can collect unemployment and get drunk for the winter and not work. The more sober ones take long winter vacations on the profits from tourism while the once a year for a week Outer Banks family vacationers are working. I don't feel sorry for the tackle shops that are losing money. In reality this is their fault for delaying this for 30 years and no they are still trying to go back in time. I will not go to Hatteras Island and spend one dime in any local business that supports the OBPA. I will go camp at a NPS campground and bring our families food and walk on the beaches with no ORVs. I am glad the point will be closed for piping plovers and the beaches are safe for nesting turtles at night.

A Outer Banks vacationer and former resident.

keep telling the truth Audubon!

I have lived on Hatteras Island for over 30 years, so the pro-ORV crowd can stop saying "you don't live here" etc. The tru native islanders are not a greedy bunch of mean people. BUT the leaders of the pro ORV access are made up mostly of "transplants " with one or two locals involved. These transplants hate the government, although they do accept welfare, food stamps, and are notorious for abusing enemployment benefits during the winter.
to set the record straight, again, the villages of Buxton, Frisco, Hatteras and Avon do exist in the National Park. However the tax receipts and occupancies for rentals in EACH OF THESE VILLAGES are higher than they have ever been. The few tackle shops - IF they are telling the truth- may have reduced revenues. But they have ONLY THEMSELVES SELVES to blame as they have been advertising to their clients for 3 years now that the "beaches are closed so don't come here." When in fact, the beaches were not and are not closed...just a few areas where threatened or endangered
Birds or turtles nest.
There are MANY more supporters of the Park and Audubon living here thank the ORV crowd believes. We just choose to not be mean, greedy, or lie.

Bravo Ted!

Ted Williams knocked it out of the park again with this article. He peeled back the layers of the story, waded through the nonsense and BS put out by the ORV zealots, and presented the facts. Thank you Ted!

This article is full of lies and omissions

It is a lie that the new ORV rule has not impacted the local economy and the statistics used in support of the lie intentionally misleading. No matter how many time we try to tell people that the villages in the Seashore a separate from the rest of Dare County, you just don't want to hear it and acknolwedge the truth. Nags Head, Kitty Hawk, Duck, and the other, much larger northern villages of Dare County are outside of the Seashore and not subject to the ORV rule. Those villages are doing just fine. It is the businesses located in the small villages within the Seashore that are dying. From the time of its creation over half a century ago, the Cape Hatteras National Seashore has had minimal development in order to protect and preserve the environment. There is only one main road. There are onlty a few scattered, very small parking lots from which you can acess the beach. The vast majority of the beaches are only accessible by ORV and the park was intentionally created that way. The "Vehicle Free" area just south of Cape point is literally miles from any public parking or paved road. How are pedestrians supposed to access it? By walking miles through soft sand with their kids and beach gear in tow? We don't want to pave paradise and put up more parking lots. We want reasonable access for the fishermen and residents who make up the majority of the population of the seashore. As others have mentioned, I note your misleading use of, and outright ingnorance of the scientific and historical studies that have shown that Plover populations have remained steady for over 50 years in the Seashore. those same studies also have shown that plover and seaturtle losses are nearly 100% due to storm overwash and predation from other animals. There has been no study finding any link between ORVs and bird and turtle populations. None. But you ingnore and refuse to respond to this fact. Just like you and the members of Audubon ingnore and covera up the fact that the NPS has systematically killed hundreds of animals at the Seashore to try and protect a dozen birds. HUNDREDS of cats, foxes, racoons, opossums, minks, coyotes, etc. You either need to own up to the killing and go on record that it is acceptable or admit that NPS management and the ORV rule are a catastrophic failure. It is well known that Audubon's real objective is to drive the citizens and residents out of the Seashore and turn it into a giant wildlife sanctuary. Just admit it and preserve whatever shred of credibility you have left.

Talk about lies!

"Full of omissions and lies" is the biggest collection of lies yet. NOTHING in this absurd rant is true and the notion that people might actually have to walk to the beach seems so foreign to this person. Luckily, smart people see right through it.

Thank you Ted and Audubon!

Audubon skews for its own benefit.... no matter what...

What audubon percieves as lies ... others percieve and know as the truth... audubon has only a few local reps wheras all the other sporting and recreational groups have hundreds of thousands of represented individuals. audubon... how about being on the level for once??? audubon sucks at being real!!!!!

Give me a break

The villages on HI are not dying. It is amazing they are as vibrant as they. About every 5 years a catastrophic hurricane blows through causing major damage. There have been 2 new inlets formed in the last 10 years. Any other economic concern is nothing compared to these events. Occupancy is up on Hatteras Island right this minute. If business are failing or just hanging on it is not because visitors have quit coming or the Park's new regs. All one had to was drive from one of Hatteras Island to the other and open their eyes and look around to see this.

All the animals the park is trapping and killing are either not native to CHNS ecosystem or their population is out of wack due to humans providing more food that I don't know what else the Park can do. But come on, how could anyone be sincerely upset about that in a Park that allows sport fishing and fishing tournaments. When you guys start crying about all the fish being killed and tortured then I'll start believing the spin about the trapping policy.

This kind of deciet is going to be discovered.

Hey Ted Williams, Go fuck

Hey Ted Williams,
Go fuck yourself! We are not buying your bullshit.

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