Audubon 2013 Gift Guide for Bird Lovers

Audubon 2013 Gift Guide for Bird Lovers

An array of presents sure to delight any avian enthusiast.

By Brianna Elliott
Published: 12/12/2013

National Geographic Birds ($9.99): Provides a range map for each species, has bird illustrations, and two calls per species.

iBird Pro ($19.99): This, the first birding app on the market, provides bird illustrations and has a spectrogram for "geeky birders" to visualize the song.

Sibley eGuide to Birds ($19.99): This app has the most illustrations of species and provides six bird calls per species.

BirdsLog ($9.99): Ties into eBird and allows birders to report sightings from anywhere and at anytime, even without cell service, and find birding hotspots.


Tilley Airflow-LTM5

Hats: Tilley hats (above) are a great option for birders looing to keep cool and protect themselves from the sun (the fabric used to make the hats often has a SPF 50+ rating, says longtime birder Wayne Mones).

Buy it here: Tilley

Average price: $70

Bird Vests: They provide multiple pockets for storing binoculars, guides, and other gear, and contain shoulder padding to comfortably carry scopes or heavy camera equipment, says veteran birder Heidi DeVos. They come in weights and materials geared for either cooler or tropical climates.

Buy it here: Big Pockets

Average price: $120

Waterproof pants: Insulated, waterproof pants with multiple side storage pockets are a must.

Buy it here: The North Face has some great options.

Average price: From $70

Long-sleeved fishing shirts: These offer serious sun protection. Many are SPF 15 or higher. They're also lightweight, so the wearer won't overheat in the sun.

Buy it here: Cabela's has a large selection of fishing shirts for men and women.

Average price: $50

Heated Insoles: You can always put hand warmers in your shoes. For a high-end option, ThermaCELL's wireless, rechargeable heated insoles are sure to keep birders' feet warm while they're out in the elements this winter.

Buy it here: ThermaCELL

Price: $134.99


Water bottle: It's critical to stay hydrated when you're out in the field for hours on end. Camelback and Klean Kanteen (above) offer durable products that are BPA-free.

Buy it here: REI

Price: $14 and up

Flashlight: Birders are often up and at 'em before the crack of dawn. Wayne Mones says the Olight S20 LED from Battery Junction is an invaluable tool in those dark times.

Buy it here:

Price: $50

Poncho: Lightweight and easy to store, these are perfect to have on hand for birding in the tropics when rainstorms come and go.

Buy it here: Available at most drugstores and sporting goods stores.

Price: Around $5

Waterproof journal: Essential for listing birds and taking other notes, no matter the weather.

Buy it here: Rite in the Rain

Price: Starting at $3.95


Leica 8x42mm Ultravid HD / Black Armored Binoculars

For our full 2014 binocular buying guide, by Wayne Mones, click here.

Alpha Class ($1,300 – $2,500)

These are the best that modern technology and engineering can offer. Yes, they are expensive, but then, there can be no great art without suffering.

Leica Ultravid HD (above): (7x42, 8x42, or 8x32)

Nikon EDG (8x42 or 8x32)

Swarovski EL Swarovision: (8.5x42 or 8x32)

Zeiss Victory T*: (8x42 or 8x32)

Almost Alpha Class (Less than $1,300)

All are better than anything that was available just a few years ago and cost a lot less than today's top models.

Steiner Peregrine XP 8x44

Swarovski CL Companion 8x30

Vortex Razor HD 8x42

Zeiss Conquest HD (8x42 or 8x32)

Best-Value Class (Less than $600)

Bright images, accurate color, and very good resolution. Buy one of these and put the cash you save toward a once-in-a-lifetime birding trip.

Kowa BD 8x42

Minox BL 8x44

Nikon Monarch 7 ATB, 8x42 or 8x30

Pentax DCF SP 8x43

Vortex Viper HD (8x42 or 8x32)

Zeiss Terra HD 8x42

Get in the Game Class (less than $200)

Bright, satisfying images and wide fields of view at a very modest price.

Nikon Monarch 3 ATB 8x42

Pentax Papillo 6.5x21 (Although designed for butterflies, these are acceptably bird worthy, weigh almost nothing, and are fun to use.)

Vortex Raptor 6.5x32

Leupold Yosemite 6x30

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I am from Malaysia, would

I am from Malaysia, would love to participate too. Please advice.

That blog image is very

That blog image is very attractive. I like it very much & I read this blog it is very nice. Thanks for the sharing. Keep it up.

loves view.

loves view.

Do you have a calendar of

Do you have a calendar of birds??

Audubon's 2014 bird and

Audubon's 2014 bird and nature calendars are available here:, and the Audubon Marketplace ( has a variety of other gifts.

When I saw the first picture

When I saw the first picture I was hoping you had a calendar with that picture and others on it. Do you have another site?

Why is it that you do not

Why is it that you do not have T-shirts with birds on them. I would like one covered with all sorts of birds. I am not the only one wanting this. I have been scouring many sites but have yet to find one. Frankly I think if anyone would or should have them it is you!!! I could take care of many of on my Christmas gift list in a hurry! Put someone on this post haste!
Lea Barlow

There is a T-shirt site

There is a T-shirt site called The Mountain. They have excellent bird shirts. Very good quality images.

Is the bird adoption campaign

Is the bird adoption campaign open to people outside the U.S.? I'm from Australia and would love to participate.

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