Win a Signed Copy of the ‘Crossley ID Guide: Raptors’

Win a Signed Copy of the ‘Crossley ID Guide: Raptors’

With a highly visual approach to birds and birding, this book is a must-have for anyone interested in raptors.

By the Audubon Editors
Published: 04/30/2013
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i would love to have this

i would love to have this book next to my other Crossleys :)


I've heard this is an amazing book and I would love to own it!

Crosley Raptor ID Guide giveaway

West TN is so full of raptors and this guide would be so helpful in my enjoyment of them.

Crossley Guide

The future of birding guides, and excellent follow up to Eastern Bird Guide.


I have a favorite Coopers Hawk that I enjoy watching. He has a fancy for one of my larger bird baths and has also swooped in and grabbed a songbird or two in my backyard. Raptors are sleek and efficient hunters and are amazing to watch. The only thing I really worry about are my nesting bluebirds. I think it would crush me if I saw him catch one of them.


Have a Cooper's Hawk that likes my song birds and one of my larger bird baths. I see him often at the bird bath and have also seen him swoop in and catch a bird one day. It was a very exciting sight to see. Sleek and efficient hunters. I also had to save some baby squirrels from him. He was attacking the nest.

Love these Guides

Would love to have the raptor guide!

Would love to be able to

Would love to be able to identify raptors, know more about them and share their beauty with friends and family from this part of the world as an aspiring ecologist (Asia, where birds aren't studied much)!

I love to share my passion

I love to share my passion for the love I have of songbirds and bird watching. Years ago I had no respect for raptors but as time went on I began to appreciate them. There is so much beauty in them to be seen, as well as how wise they are. I am thankful I brought my children up to have knowledge of all birds, including the raptors. I am glad I included the raptors as birds to respect and be thankful for! This book looks like a wonderful guide to help those of us who have a hard time identifying these beautiful birds and would be very helpful to take along on a hike. Reading guide books on birds for many years has now given me the privilege to identify all the birds in my yard. I am hoping some day to be just as good as identifying the raptors through excellent guide books such as this one! Thanks for providing your professional knowledge through these guide books so people like me can become more familiar with identifying all the raptors around me!

Crossley Raptors

Saw this in Barnes and Nobles this weekend. It's on my when I get a full time job I will buy this list. (Trying the pity ploy to win!)

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