Win a Signed Copy of the ‘Crossley ID Guide: Raptors’

Win a Signed Copy of the ‘Crossley ID Guide: Raptors’

With a highly visual approach to birds and birding, this book is a must-have for anyone interested in raptors.

By the Audubon Editors
Published: 04/30/2013
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I drove school bus north of Bozeman, MT. I many raptors doing amazing things. Sometimes they made me laugh.


I'd love to get better at identifying the less common raptors in my area, especially in flight.

Raptor Birdbook Contest

Redtails, Red-shouldered Hawks, & Kestrels, & Am. Bald Eagles, & Ospreys( as well as both vultures) are common s. In. residents, w/ White Tailed Kites furthere west at Lincoln State Park....(haven't seen this year, yet)

Crossley ID Guide to raptors

Privileged to introduce my eight-year-old grandson to the wonders of birdwatching. Saturday, at a national park, he asked about a high flying speck. Finally resolved an osprey, with no water in sight! Want to encourage his knowledge of and appreciation for the world around him.

Crossley Guide

This would be a great book for educating visitors to the San Diego National Wildlife Refuge!

Crossley Guide

This would be a great reference book for educating visitors at the San Diego National Wildlife Refuge!

We have so many raptors in

We have so many raptors in Washington County, Oregon! I am almost completely deaf, so most of my entertainment comes from visual watching birds. I've tried going on guided birding tours, but can not ever tell what the guides are saying in such hushed, tight-lipped words. This book could be my readable guide.

Raptor ID Guide

I am just beginning as a birder after graduating with a degree in wildlife science. Unfortunately, birds were not a part of my curriculum. So now, I am playing catchup by trying to learn to identify birds on my own. So far, it's been a rewarding, and frustrating, experience. This book would be a great aid!

I'd love to win one :) I

I'd love to win one :)
I watch the vultures near where I live.
And many days on the drive to and from work I want to stop to watch the red tail hawks.

'Crossley ID Guide: Raptors'

The Susanville Library here in Lassen County, California where I live, could use such a reference book as these three authors (Richard Crossley, JerryLiquori, Brian Sullivan) have written on the subject of raptors. If my entry were to win, it should be presented to the library (in there names) so that not only I, but all who visit this library, could peruse it as either a card holder or a reader request throughout all libraries including the OCLC network as well.

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