Win a Signed Copy of the ‘Kaufman Field Guide to Advanced Birding’

Win a Signed Copy of the ‘Kaufman Field Guide to Advanced Birding’

From novice birder to veteran, this book is a fabulous resource for anyone who is interested in identifying birds.

By the Audubon Editors
Published: 03/04/2013

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Kaufman Field Guide

As a novice backyard birder, I will use this book to identify birds and guide me in attracting more to my yard. I am changing the landscaping to be more bird friendly.

Messengers from Heaven

I got into birding after my mother passed a few years ago. My mother loved birds, and whenever I go birding, I feel her presence. I would love this book to further my birding adventures.

I love your organization and website!

I really love what this organization is all about. My boyfriend, a native Costa Rican and naturalist. He has really been trying to take his bird watching guiding to the next level and dreams of becoming an ornithologist. We both share the love of travel and birding. I would love to win this book for him!

Bird Guide

In my neighborhood, I'm the lone person that feeds birds, & I'd be thrilled to have a new guide. Thanks for the opportunity!

Backyard birder

I'm a backyard birder, and a long commuter who is constantly noticing birds on my drive. I'd love to have a copy of this book to identify the new additions to my birding world.


I would love a copy of this guide, all I have is an old Stokes & Petersen guide. My wife & I lead bird hikes & field trips for a state park, and this would come in handy!!

I love the concept of this

I love the concept of this approach to birding and bird identification. I look forward to advancing my birding skills!


Would love to win this book. I love watching the birds in my backyard. :)

Looks like an amazing book!

I am a "newbie" when it comes to birding.

My birder son is off to study

My birder son is off to study Wildlife Conservation at HSU this fall and this would be such a great tool for him to have!

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