Alisa Opar

Alisa Opar

Alisa Opar is the articles editor at Audubon magazine. Follow her on Twitter @alisaopar.

Articles by this Author

Published: May-June 2011

They prowl at night, melting into shadows. Now, they've moved into American cities.

Published: July-August 2009

A podiatrist-turned-artist aspires to be the John James Audubon of endangered plants.

Published: March-April 2011

No matter how you feel about genetically engineered food, it's here to stay.

Published: September-October 2011

Steve Martin, Jack Black, and Owen Wilson dish on playing obsessive birders.

Published: November-December 2011

Though tiny, plankton are mightily important to life as we know it.

Published: 11/09/2011

Biologists are tagging walrus to understand and better protect them.

Published: 11/21/2011

Black oystercatchers are inhabitants of rocky shores from Alaska to Baja.

Published: January-February 2012

Actress Kristen Bell mixes celebrity with activism.

Published: September-October 2011

The world's largest bat colony, in Texas, is a boon to birds and farmers.

Published: 02/21/2012

Grizzly rubs, which snag hair, provide a great way to learn about bears.