Alisa Opar

Alisa Opar

Alisa Opar is the articles editor at Audubon magazine. Follow her on Twitter @alisaopar.

Articles by this Author

Published: May-June 2010

Could the wholesale melting of the Arctic trigger a series of catastrophies?

Published: 05/21/2012

Studying pigeon diversity could shed light on how various traits have evolved in wild birds. 

Published: 06/04/2012

A management plan for the NPR-Alaska could help balance oil production and conservation.

Published: September-October 2012

Solving the mystery of one of the most elusive birds on earth. 

Published: 11/07/2012

President Obama provides written answers to 10 critical questions about the environment.

Published: 04/05/2013

Innovative new programs detect outbreaks faster than ever before.

Published: 06/12/2013

Climate change's polar opposite effects.

Published: July-August 2013

As shark populations crash, anglers rush to the rescue.

Published: July-August 2013

Researchers are transforming gut microbes into biodiesel-making factories.

Published: July-August 2013

Epcot and Audubon team up to promote bird-friendly yards.