Julie Leibach

Julie Leibach

Julie Leibach is a senior editor and web manager for Audubon. Follow her on Twitter: @JulieLeibach

Articles by this Author

Published: January-February 2008

Charley Harper's bird paintings are remarkable in their striking beauty and style.

Published: September-October 2008

Deep in Oregon, a group of determined protestors defend vulnerable old-growth forest.

Published: November-December 2010

On the Great Plains, a photographer documents one of nature's awe-inspiring journeys.

Published: July-August 2011

Shape-shifting fish in Hawaii offer a compelling lesson: Safety and beauty in unity.

Published: September-October 2011

A Finnish photographer's images show rainforests in a place where art meets science.

Published: September-October 2011

Ghostly oaks march across a palacial garden England, vestiges of a bygone era.

Published: November-December 2011

Home to curious creatures, the underwater world comes to life on the page.

Published: November-December 2011

Wire mesh or leaf skeleton? Giles Revell shines new light on the ordinary.

Published: January-February 2012

Is this black-crowned night-heron really as big as Godzilla?

Published: 02/03/2012

Meet the champ of Bird Madness who just so happens to be our photo awards winner, too.