Julie Leibach

Julie Leibach

Julie Leibach is a senior editor and web manager for Audubon. Follow her on Twitter: @JulieLeibach

Articles by this Author

Published: March-April 2012

Dwelling high up in the Andes, Peruvian Juliana Pacco Pacco worries about climate change.

Published: March-April 2012

A podiatrist-turned-photographer finds elegance in the fine art of bonsai. 

Published: 04/20/2012

A toxicologist reflects on the Gulf's status two years after the spill.

Published: May-June 2012

The fate of migrating birds a century ago can teach us plenty right now.

Published: 06/18/2012

For this Tony-winning actress, avian conservation is a big part of being a birder.

Published: July-August 2012

A gray catbird steals the scene during a Baltimore oriole photo shoot. 

Published: 09/19/2012

Fargo's multicultural families are learning more about the birds that shares their state. 

Published: September-October 2012

An arresting photograph blurs the lines between animal and mineral. 

Published: November-December 2012

A new guide to bird drawing inspires a deeper connection with nature.

Published: November-December 2012

A huge watershed crossing four states earns a title worth fighting for.