Michele Berger

Michele Berger

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Published: November-December 2010

When the oil spill threatened birds and beaches, thousands of citizens lent a hand.

Published: September-October 2011

A New Orleans native is greening the Lower Ninth Ward.

Published: November-December 2011

A photographer's images help aquaint auks with those who want to adopt them. 

Published: 12/13/2011

CBC compiler Bill Graber celebrates his 50th, and final, year at the helm.

Published: 01/25/2012

One Florida rehab facility gave six injured sandhill cranes a walking chance. 

Published: January-February 2012

The back story behind the 2011 photo awards winning loon shot.

Published: 03/16/2012

Saxophonist Paul Winter translates bird migration into music about flyways.

Published: March-April 2012

Organic gardening behind bars offers prisoners fresh chances.

Published: 04/12/2012

Tattooed, mohawked Paul Riss is proving that birdwatchers can come in all styles. 

Published: March-April 2012

Birds, natural crop defenders, protect grapes and coffee in the field.