Michele Berger

Michele Berger

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Published: 05/07/2012

Planning a green wedding but at a loss for ideas? Try these tips.

Published: May-June 2012

Planting native blossoms gives Oahu's unique landscape a fighting chance.

Published: 06/15/2012

These guys employ many different strategies for raising their young.

Published: July-August 2012

With some ingenuity, science educator Chris Bowser is helping eels slide past dams.

Published: July-August 2012

A Virginia letter carrier has turned her route into a haven for nesting eastern bluebirds.

Published: 08/07/2012

The RESTORE Act promises an influx of cash to projects in the five Gulf States.

Published: September-October 2012

A joint effort aims to improve stopover habitat for migrating songbirds.

Published: November-December 2012

A new international collaboration seeks to save the seas. 

Published: November-December 2012

Scientists found out how some mammals avoid getting too hot. 

Published: January-February 2013

Novelist Barbara Kingsolver tackles global warming in her latest book.