Purbita Saha

Purbita Saha

Purbita Saha is a reporter for Audubon Magazine whose conservation interests lie in bird and insect behavior. Her Twitter handle is @hahabita

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Published: 01/22/2014

Regulations on one of India's favorite sports comes just in time for festival season.

Published: 01/22/2014

Watch out birds: The fish are taking their revenge.

Published: 01/28/2014

Now this is going to make some seals in the Arctic very happy: polar bears are moving off their blubber-rich diets and favoring leaner, land-bound cuisine.

According to researchers from the American Museum of Natural History, polar bears in the Hudson Bay Lowlands have expanded their palates to include barnacle geese, caribou, berries, grass, and even marsh algae. Such flexibility is astonishing, even for omnivores as versatile as bears. But with the Arctic ice cap melting fast, the polar bears are having difficulty finding solid ice from which they can hunt seals.

Published: 01/30/2014

Birding in a war zone is dangerous business. U.S. diplomat Peter Kaestner does it anyway. 

Published: 02/13/2014

If a Mardi Gras beetle went scurrying by, you might not give it a second glance. But as a new technology reveals, the insect deserves a closer look. Zoom in and you can see streams of iridescence that it make it worthy of its vibrant name.

Macroscopic Solutions
Macroscopic Solutions

Published: 02/19/2014

Forget those zany animal clips on YouTube. Once you've laid eyes on this baby albatross, you'll never want to watch another LOLcat again.

On January 28, the Cornell Lab of Ornithology launched a live-streaming Bird Cam from the Hawaiian island of Kauai. To kick things off, viewers saw a newly hatched Laysan albatross, still slick and dewy, feasting on its mother's regurgitated stomach oil.

Published: 02/21/2014

If birds got a Winter Olympics of their own, the preparations would be pretty mellow. All competition would take place in the air. Birds wouldn’t require fake snow. Or 19 tons of salt. And they’d put on one heck of a show. Here are six birds that could sweep gold, silver, and bronze in a battle against Olympic athletes.


Published: 03/06/2014

We've all been there: You're planning to save dessert for after dinner, but on your way home from work you stop at 7-Eleven and binge on a box of stale donuts. A new study in Animal Behavior finds that birds might have more self-control than you in that situation.

Published: 03/06/2014

Bob Mislan had always dreamt of photographing a pileated woodpecker nest. So when he found one in Norfolk, Virginia, he thought he had struck gold. Unfortunately, a storm toppled the tree that housed the piciformes, leaving Mislan and the avian inhabitants without a much-desired roost.

Published: 03/20/2014