Rachel Nuwer

Rachel Nuwer

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Published: 12/14/2011

Do birding apps harm wildlife? Consider this before you download.

Published: 04/23/2012

An overlooked Central American country could draw birders with the help of an avian crusader.

Published: May-June 2012

Restoring the Florida Keys, one piece at a time. 

Published: 09/17/2012

Farming fish in urban areas could take pressure off wild stocks.

Published: 06/19/2013

A project that benefits birds and people.

Published: 07/25/2013

The elusive Asian great bustard flies twice as far as previously thought.

Published: November-December 2013

Some birds may be benefitting from shiny green insects.

Published: January-February 2014

"Release life," the practice of freeing caged animals into the wild to generate good karma, is now an environmentally friendly act of kindness.

Published: 06/25/2014

New study could shed light on how nuclear disasters affect birds.