Raillan Brooks

Raillan Brooks

Raillan Brooks is the assistant editor at Audubon. Follow him on Twitter at @raillan_ebrooks.

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Published: 01/28/2014

Audubon readers, let’s talk turkey.

A specific turkey, in fact: It’s gracing the front of the November-December 2013 issue. The cover is one of the two Audubon covers in the running for this year’s ASME Cover Contest Reader’s Choice award in the “Science, Technology, and Nature” category. Shot in profile, the gobbler accompanies our recent feature on declining wild turkey populations in the Southeast U.S.


Published: 01/28/2014

While the rest of the nation eagerly anticipates Super Bowl Sunday, Audubon sees things a little differently this week. We’re ramping up to celebrate Superb Owl Sunday.

Published: 01/31/2014

Americans love to gamble—86 percent of us have gambled at least once in our lives—and it turns out we’re not alone. A new study by the University of Kentucky reveals that pigeons will likewise try their luck, if given the chance.

Published: 02/10/2014

Elizabeth Kolbert, author of The Sixth Extinction, talks with Audubon about the greatest threat to all life on Earth: humanity itself.

Published: 02/18/2014

California's worst drought in five centuries threatens habitat and food supplies for migratory birds in the Central Valley.

Published: 03/17/2014

On St. Patrick’s Day, wearing green is part of getting into the spirit. Here are eight bird species whose green plumage puts St. Patrick’s Day revelers to shame!

Published: 03/25/2014

Audubon is on the ground helping oiled birds and monitoring slick movements after Saturday’s accident.

Published: May-June 2014

Stopping illegal bird hunting in China's largest freshwater lakes is an uphill battle.

Published: July-August 2014

Deals affecting U.S. neighbors to the east and west make the case that corporations are countries, too. 

Published: 11/05/2014

There is still time to fumble the state's landmark new conservation initiative.