Todd Petty

Todd Petty

Todd Petty is a reporter at Audubon Magazine.

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Published: 05/19/2014

Sitting on the shoreline of Brown Bluff in Antarctica, Catherine Dalessio watched as groups of Adelie Penguins came in from sea. She remembers there were multiple small icebergs trapped along the shoreline and a small group of Adelies jumped up on the iceberg in front of her. “It was so small it was unstable and slightly tippy so they ran as a group to the side near me to investigate and decide what to do—that's when I snapped this picture,” Dalessio says.

Published: 05/19/2014

This image of the sword-billed hummingbird is a special one for photographer Mark Thomas.

Published: May-June 2014

An Audubon chapter is partnering with Dayton International Airport to reduce bird-aircraft collisions.

Published: 06/06/2014

Mark Thomas uses strobes to create a hummingbird silhouette.


Published: 06/09/2014

While on a boat in Roberts Bay in Sarasota, Florida, there was plenty for photographer Catherine Dalessio to see. Focused on photographing a colony of nesting brown pelicans, Dalessio watched as birds came and went with nest building material, squabbled over nesting sites, and displayed themselves.