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Incredibly Elaborate Homes of Bowerbirds Inspire New Art Exhibit

Janelle Iglesias reimagines the birds' creations with a mix of locally sourced natural and recycled materials.
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The Big Picture on Nature's Littlest Wonders

Company aims to make macrophotography accessible to citizen scientists and schoolchildren.
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Macroscopic Solutions

The larvae of the Pteromalus puparum wasp was the first subject photographed by the Macropod. Others include a mouse embryo, the barbs on a feather, and channels in a blue agate stone.

Macroscopic Solutions

This photo of a Mardi Gras beetle (Stephanocrates preussi) from Cameroon was taken with the Macropod. The innovative camera overcomes the field of depth by taking a slew of pictures at different angles and stacking them to create one, razor-sharp image. 

Photograph by Arne Olav/Caters News
Photograph by Todd R. Forsgren
Courtesy of Paula McCartney and Klompching Gallery, NY
Photograph by Annie Marie Musselman
Photographs by Andrew Geiger
Photograph by Connor Stefanison
Photograph by Owen Deutsch
Photograph by Art Wolfe
Photograph by Gordon Gahan, 1982 National Geographic
Photograph by Anita Merrigan
Photograph by Matthew Studebaker
Photograph by Ansel Adams Publishing Rights Trust/CORBIS
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Video: Zebra Finches Play Electric Guitars

Watch these birds play human instruments at Peabody Essex Museum.
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Record Crowds Flock to See Ancient, Tiny Bird

‘Goldfinch’ painting draws visitors to normally sleepy New York City museum.  
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Allison V. Smith for Nasher Sculpture Center
Jenna Balogh

Original photography by Jenna Balogh

Ann Balogh

Original work by Ann Balogh