Belize Audubon Society
Jim-Ba-Ru the pride mascot at Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary, Belize.

The Joy of Birds Audubon Style

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Enjoying birds in your yard or community is a simple pleasure.





M Jeffery
Retrieving a Wood Thrush from a mist net
Photo by Jay and Kevin McGowan
Highly intelligent, extremely social, sometimes maligned, and frequently misunderstood, the American Crow (Corvus brachyrhynchos) is also one of the most common and widespread birds of North America. Studies have documented some startling similarities to human social behavior, including mutual grooming (called "allopreening"), as demonstrated by the adult and hatching year bird on the cover. Crows have been hard hit by the West Nile virus; ongoing studies, including many utilizing Christmas Bird Count data, help to document and understand the magnitude of the virus' impact.

Oil Spill Wildlife Spotlight: Ducks

Type: Magazine_article | From: Audubon Magazine
Photo by Gloria Morris
Volunteers from Lake County Audubon Society (IL) install a nesting platform in the Great Blue Heron rookery at Almond Marsh.

Oil Spill Wildlife Spotlight: Snowy Plover

Type: Magazine_article | From: Audubon Magazine
Photo by Brian Murphy
"Just for Ducks" is a Mount Diablo Audubon Society (CA) project that involves installation of wood duck boxes on urban creeks in Walnut Creek, CA. The diamond pattern of scratches below the hole aid the ducklings in climbing out of the box to fledge.