Restoring the Gulf for Coastal Waterbirds: A Long-term Vision

Lindsay Addison

An adult knobbed whelk.

Eric Snyder

Learn from the Past/Protect Our Future

Restoring America's Delta

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The Mississippi River Delta is sinking at an alarming rate. To make informed decisions about the actions required to fix it, we need to understand how the delta was formed, its importance for both wildlife and people, as well as the causes of the precipitous land loss. This video produced by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology reviews these concepts while guiding us on a visually stunning journey through the under-appreciated Louisiana wetlands.

Photo by Adam Sedgley.

Seattle Audubon Society volunteers participate in the Puget Sound Seabird Survey.

Ida Phillips

Mason Inlet field trip

Lindsay Addison

Mason Inlet Waterbird Management Area

Walker Golder

Lea-Hutaff Island

Audubon Magazine

Dredge Work

Audubon's Louisiana Coastal Initiative is helping to restore marshlands at the Rainey Sanctuary, one patch at a time.
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If ever there was a time to get off of oil and plug into offshore wind power, it is now, argues Mike Tidwell, a clean-energy activist and veteran journalist with deep roots in the bayou.
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Stepping Out

Masked by stinking anaerobic mud, fuggy heat, clouds of mosquitoes, and acre upon acre of flooded forest, mangroves are as mysterious as they are vital to our coasts.
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