US Army Corps of Engineers

Lower Missouri River

Photograph by Mark Widick
Solvin Zankl/Corbis

Spectral or Sulawesi Tarsier (Tarsius spectrum) reaching for a Cricket in the rainforest of Tangkoko Nature Reserve, Sulawesi, Indonesia. 

Hog Island Audubon Camp in Maine

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Since 1936, the Audubon Camp in Maine has offered environmental education programs for adults, teens, families and conservation leaders on Hog Island in Muscongus Bay, Maine.

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Exclusive Interview: Obama Defeats Romney, Says We Must Tackle Climate Change

The president provides written answers to 10 critical questions about the environment.
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Audubon Magazine

Excerpt: When Women Were Birds

A renowned memoirist and conservationist reflects on Wangari Maathai, a force for  nature and social justice.
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J. Cordulack

The Byram River flows through Audubon Greenwich

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How to Identify a Dragonfly

Explore the wondrous world of dragonflies and damselflies with these informative field guides.
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Alyssa Boyd
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The Path to Cleaner Energy

Wind power’s role in weaning America off fossil fuels holds vast untapped potential for domestic energy production and green jobs.
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M. Baisch