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The Green Big Year

Dorian Anderson is on a one-year mission to see as many birds as he can — by bike.
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Summer Reading: Great Books for Birders and Nature Lovers

This year’s book list includes climate-change thrillers, sweet love stories, captivating adventure tales, and more.
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Derrick Z. Jackson and Sandy Flint
Stephen Kress and Nathan Banfield
Temperature Graph courtesy of NMFS/NOAA; Atlantic Moonfish photo by Emily Pollom
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10 Reasons to Be Thankful for Birds

Whether you’re eating turkey or tofurky this Thanksgiving, raise a glass to the many ways in which wild birds enrich our lives—and in fact support our very existence.  
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Project Puffin - 40 Years of Seabird Restoration

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Learn about how Project Puffin came to restore the charismatic Atlantic Puffin to the coast of Maine, and celebrate their 40th anniversary.