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Happy Meals

In a New York City suburb, a grand experiment in farming yields food that is grown locally on a small scale and free of toxins. The well-heeled diners flocking to the farm’s gourmet restaurant and the carefree children attending its camps may well be getting a taste of the future.
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If ever there was a time to get off of oil and plug into offshore wind power, it is now, argues Mike Tidwell, a clean-energy activist and veteran journalist with deep roots in the bayou.
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Ever wonder where the cell phone or computer you toss ends up? Our writer follows her own digital detritus to the far ends of the earth.
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Karl Kaufman

Western sandpipers along Panama City

Guyra Paraguay
Children visiting the forest of San Rafael in Paraguay and using binoculars to view birds for the first time
Pronatura Veracruz
The poster that is being used to engage local landowners and other members of the community in the preservation of forests in the region
Belize Audubon Society
Rare Pride Campaign in Belize
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Photo by Paul L. Noeldner
Birdathon Team Sustain Crane - Madison Audubon Society

Migratory songbirds depend on winter habitat to survive.