National Audubon Society Convention 2013

Quotes from the Audubon Washington Network

If there was one pervasive theme in the conference, it was the seriousness of global climate change.  Numerous workshops were dedicated to understanding and mitigating the impact on birds--and by extension the rest of us.  - Jim Briggs (President, Kittitas Audubon)

Imagine.  I thought it was pretty terrific to meet Audubon people from around Washington State at ACOW.  At the national convention in Stevenson, however, I was meeting people from all over the nation.  And whether they hailed from Florida, Wyoming, North Carolina, Minnesota or Texas, when I walked into a workshop or joined a field trip, they were instantly family. I attended workshops that dealt with volunteer recruitment and retention.  Maintaining a team concept and expressing thanks--expressing it well and definitely more often--is what I will carry forward. Diversity was defined anew. Our board may benefit from a duck hunter's perspective. - Ione Clagett (Tahoma Audubon)

The Convention shows that Audubon is headed into a new future of mutual respect between the national staff, regional and states offices and the chapters. For the first time in many years, I heard stories and voices expressing optimism for our Audubon family. - Chuck Lennox (Audubon Washington Board)

The Wingspan of the Audubon Convention was a grand as a Condor's, from the number of old friends seen to new friends made, a Flyway from Alaska to Chile, Helen Engel's Life Time Service Award to ideas on activating our board and recruiting new members.  I'm still recovering. - Charlie Kahle (President, Seattle Audubon)

We have heard a lot about One Audubon lately, but at this gathering I felt it with every conversation and workshop. I'm honored that Washington State could host such a historic moment as this. - Todd Burley (President, Audubon Washington Board)

David Yarnold was inspiring and his message of "Passion, Action, Network" came through loud and clear throughout the four days that I was there. It was great fun talking with folks from all over the country and meeting staff. I know I came away feeling more connected to the National Audubon Society than I've felt in a long time. - Pat Toth (Membership, Rainier Audubon)

During July, I had the opportunity to attend the first National Audubon Convention in 15 years.  I expected to meet interesting people, hear some good ideas, and see beautiful scenery.   I did not expect to be blown away time and time again by passionate conservationists, come away completely energized by more ideas than I can use in years, and become totally committed to the "One Audubon" ideal promoted by our new national president, David Yarnold. - Kathleen Snyder (President, Pilchuck Audubon)

The National Audubon Convention gave me some valuable tools that will help me to be an effective president.  I learned what other chapters are doing to make their communities more bird-friendly and methods to get more young people interested in birds and conservation. And of course the best part of the convention was the opportunity to meet people from around the nation who share my passion for birds and conservation.  It's always a good feeling to be with my own kind! - Janine Schutt (President, Kitsap Audubon)

The convention gave me an excellent opportunity to network and meet leaders from across the country.  Before the convention, I was aware that there was a large Audubon community, but it seemed very distant to me.  In getting to know other chapter leaders as well as national Audubon staff, I get a clearer picture of our interconnectedness and our common goals.  I only hope that I can share this sense of purpose and this energy with my chapter. - Dora Rajkhowa (Treasurer, Eastside Audubon)

The NAS convention was like a long overdue Family Reunion, with new people to get to know and old-timers to embrace in memories of wonderful shared battles and triumphs.  I am proud of the leadership at National Audubon and sensed that the "grassroots" are happy with President David Yarnold and the NAS VPs.  We belong to a wonderful Society! - Helen Engle (Tahoma Audubon)

I loved the National Audubon Convention! ...It was a wonderful chance to meet people, learn about our strengths and weaknesses, and gain new resources. In addition to networking opportunities, the convention was truly inspirational.  It was wonderful to learn about the impact we are collectively making on a national and even international basis. - Art Wang (Vice President, Tahoma Audubon)

The convention was an inspiring and engaging weekend, filled with field trips and adventures, workshops, speaker panels, and ample opportunity for networking with volunteers and staff from around the country. Two main themes emerged:  1) the need to scale up our bird conservation efforts to plan and implement projects in flyways and across the Western hemisphere to have significant and measurable impacts on conservation and 2) the necessity of the environmental movement as a whole and Audubon as a grassroots organization to reach out to new audiences and diversify our members, participants, and volunteers. - Krystal Kyer (Executive Director, Tahoma Audubon)