If you wish to reproduce (e.g., photocopy, reprint, republish, etc.) and/or distribute an Audubon magazine article, please provide the following information in an email using the form on the Contact Us page.

1)  A subject line that reads: Permission Request.
2)  The month and year of the magazine issue in which the article appears (e.g., July-August 2010) or the web URL where the story is located.
3)  The title of the article and, preferably, its author.
4)  The intended use of the reproduction. (E.g., Are you making photocopies? If so, for what? A college course? How many copies? Do you want to run part of the article in your organization's newsletter? If so, what's the title of the newsletter and in which issue will it run?) Please note that we cannot give permission to reproduce anything that will be used for commercial purposes. Requests should be purely educational or informational in nature.

Note that we cannot give permission to reproduce photographs or illustrations; please contact the artist should you wish to reproduce his or her work.

Please allow several weeks for us to process a request. If you don't hear anything a month after your contact us, feel free to email us again. We may not be able to fulfill every request, particularly for articles predating 2000.

Thank you for your interest.